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Moving With Children

If you are moving with children, this is the perfect place for you to start! Here, we have some tips and tricks for your family's relocation. It doesn't have to be difficult!
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Are You Relocating With Your Family and Kids?  Read This First!

If you are moving with children or coordinating a family move, you are not alone.  Many families deal with relocation every year.  And in many of these families, there are young children. We know how intimidating it can be with the little ones.

For military families, the stresses of relocation can be severe do to the frequency in moving or Permanent Change of Station.  But whether or not you are a military family, relocating a family and kids doesn’t have to be so terrible.

Just follow these steps and your child’s long distance relocation will be a breeze for everyone.

moving with children

Moving Tips For Relocating Your Children


Ease young children into the idea of moving well in advance.  For toddlers and preschoolers, begin talking about the move a month in advance.  Explain moving to the young ones.  Remind them that you will speak to friends you are leaving and it’s not a goodbye forever.  Also let them know that important things (like mommy and daddy) will stay the same!


If you are moving with children, it is a given that you and they will experience a little bit of sadness.  Whether your child misses an old babysitter or friend, it’s difficult to watch them in pain.

However, part of the process is accepting the move.  Allow your child to express heartbreak and anger.  Be supportive and understanding during the transition.


Be sure to stay as positive as possible.  We know that things don’t always go completely smoothly with a move, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit your children. 

Emotions tend to rub off on other people.  During the stressful times of a move, this is especially true.  Be aware of the things you say and the way you act around your children during a relocation.


In the beginning especially, creating a schedule is very helpful for the young ones.  Try to create a schedule and stick to it!  The stability of daily routines will create a feeling of stability in your child during the turbulence of a move.


Getting to know your neighbors is a good way to ease into the transition of a move with children.  It will create a positive distraction for the kids.

Recommended Kids Books On Moving


Big Ernie’s New Home– A Story For Children Who Are Moving (ages 3-5)


Louis & Bobo – We Are Moving (ages 3-5)


Where I Live (ages 6 and up)

Moving Day! Make Sure Your Children Are Ready!

On moving day there are some things you can do to ensure your child’s relocation is easy and done correctly.  Your friends at Alliance Van Lines want to make sure you prepare properly for your interstate move with the little ones.

Here are some simple tips to get you prepared for moving day.


Make sure you and your family and kids get plenty of sleep.  Stick to a routine in the morning.  Have a good healthy breakfast.  Have your children’s clothing picked out in advance.  This will make your day a little bit easier.


Guide your young one through the moving process by explaining what will happen.  Make it a happy time but let them know it’s ok however they feel.


Don’t get too caught up in yourself during the move.  Make sure that someone is with your child at all times during the moving process.


If you are moving with children, make sure all furniture and belongings are safely packed and stored.  Don’t allow young ones to play on furniture items or boxes.   This could be a hazard.


Try to keep things as upbeat as possible.  Your excitement will rub off on your children.

Moving To A New Residence With Children Is Easy!

Relocating your child to a new home and community is easy, as long as you follow three important steps.  Here are our rules for the long distance relocation of your little one.



Prepare your child by talking about the move in advance.  Explain things gently.  Stay open to listening and don’t fret if they throw any tantrums.  Preparing in advance is the key to a easier move!



Communicate with your child about the move.  Ask them questions and listen to their response.  Be gentle in your explanations and available to listen to their angst.  If you do this, your move will be much easier.



Connect with your peers and community members right away.  Who knows, maybe some of them will have children your young one can meet.  This will make your transition a breeze.

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