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Moving Out Of State For College Checklist

Your moving out of state for college checklist is crucial. This page has tips and hacks for college movers like you!
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Are Moving Out Of State For College? Here’s A Must-Have Checklist For Ya!

If you are moving out of state for college, you are not alone.  Moving out of state is intimidating on its own.  Going to college AND moving out of state?  We know how stressful this can be.  

Below is a checklist for your college relocation.  There are also some tips and hacks for you if you are a student moving out of state for college!


moving out of state for college checklist

Moving Out Of State For College: A Checklist (The Essentials)


Bedroom: Adhesive hooks, Alarm clock, Rugs, Bedding, Calendar, Organizer, Corkboard and thumbtacks, Door mirror, Fan, Lamp Mattress pad, Pillows and pillowcases, Storage bins, Trash can and bags, Under-bed storage


Bathroom: Bathrobe, Bath rug, Body wash, Brush and Comb, Cosmetics and Perfume, Curling iron/flat iron, Dental floss, Deodorant, Flip flops, Hair dryer, Hair products, Soap, Towels, Hygiene Products, Shampoo, Toilet Paper, Tweezers, Shower Caddy, Razors, Conditioner, Shaving Cream


Kitchen: Can opener, Chip clips, Condiments, Coffee Maker, Mugs, Silverware, Plates, Food Storage, Ziplock Bags, Paper Towels, Napkins, Microwave, Plastic Cups, Bowls and Utensils, Water Pitcher, Water Bottles

1 Month Before Your College Move


By now, you should have your moving company all set up.   You should also have all college supplies and storage.


If you aren’t using a mover, you should have people who will be helping you


Alert the post office of your move


Have all appropriate clothing and supplies for your move and for school.  You don’t want to do it all last minute!


Have a going away party with your friends


Know about the school and it’s policies prior to getting there so you feel more confident about the move


Call the college and ask about having a buddy to show you around the school and get you situated

Moving Day! Make Sure Your Ready!

If you are moving out of state for college, there are many things you should do.  You will not want to wait until moving day to do them all either!  So on moving day you will want to be relaxed and ready for the relocation.  

Here are some simple tips and a checklist to get you prepared for moving day.  We hope your college transition goes smoothly!


Make sure to wake up well rested.  Get a good night’s sleep and have a nice morning coffee.


So some last minute goodbyes.  It’s not forever, but still- it can be hard!


Have your clothing laid out the night before.  All essentials like toothbrush will be packed on the day of your move.  Or you could buy a new one for college of course.


Take any medications you need to in the morning.


Try not to get too stressed.  Speak to an adult who has gone through a big college move.  Lean on all support that you have.


When you get to your school be friendly!  Remember, everyone is in the same situation and probably feels a lot like you!

Moving For College Is Easy!  Just Follow These Steps!

Relocating to a different state for college can be intimidating.  But millions of students like you relocate all the time.  Just follow these three steps below for a safe and happy college moving experience.


Plan Ahead

Planning for an out-of-state move for college is easy.  As long as you plan ahead.  Be sure to book your move way ahead of time.  The sooner you plan it the less stressful it will be.


Follow Rules

Follow all college rules and regulations.  You can find this information easily on the school website.  Usually, an academic advisor will provide you with useful information and tips.  Just ask!


TalK To Someone

As scary as it is to go away to college, many people have gone through it.  Talking to someone will make the transition easier.  It is also great to have support during the process.

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