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Everything You Need To Know About Apartment Moving  


Long Distance Relocation Involves Preparation 


Relocation, whether it be moving a car, an apartment, a company, or a large home, involves a lot of planning and preparation.  A long distance move will not only dishevel your life but it also requires a lot of energy physically and emotionally 

In addition, with everything else to take care of like bills, paperwork, adjusting to a new neighborhood and more, packing is the last thing you probably want to make time for. The most stress-relieving thing you can do is to hire a professional long distance mover and relocation provider to help with your relocation.   

Additionally, if your moving with your family, companies such as Florida family movers Alliance Van Lines Services are a great option to consider.  Moving a home AND a family is a very big deal and they are great to help you along the way!


What Is Apartment Moving 


Interstate aparment movers are more or less like firemen who come in to save the day when you most need to be rescued. With statistics stating that over 40 million people have been moved in the U.S. by professional apartment movers in the last decade, apartment moving services have formed a whole new industry that is now indispensable.  


Apartment moving is essentially a type of residential move.  So most residential movers have done plenty of apartment moves, if not more apartment moves than moves of larger homes. 


The Reality About Moving From One Apartment To Another 


The reality about apartment moving is that it’s not a whole lot different than moving a larger home.  Now, don’t get me wrong, a long distance relocation of a 5 bedroom house will definitely cost more and take more time than an apartment move. 


However, residential apartment moves are especially difficult for many reasons and have a different set of challenges.   Amount of space, size of furniture, stairwells, entry ways, street and parking lot size and restrictions, and elevators are all aspects of an apartment move that many movers don’t prepare for properly.   

Apartment Moving Checklist: 7 Things You Need To Do

1. Begin Looking For A Reputable Moving Service 

First and foremost, begin your search for reputable apartment movers before doing anything else on this checklist. Finding a reputable residential mover is key and will ultimately make (or break) your move.  

Miami Movers is one great company that offers many residential, commercial and specialty moving services.  Another great company is Charter Van Lines which has coordinated many apartment moves for relocating clients.  The convenience of having professional movers handle your move is a blessing, whether you’re moving an apartment or a larger home.  


2. Pack Several Weeks In Advance

Residential relocation doesn’t really have to be unpleasant.  If you begin packing way in advance, you can make the process much easier.

TIP: Label boxes so that when they arrive in your new residence they are easy to unpack.  Additionally, designate a certain area (or box) in your home to stuff you will need up until the day you actually move.  Clothing, medications, paperwork, toiletries and other things you will need should all be left unpacked until the morning of your move.

Once the move is complete it is extremely simple to unpack the little things and settle in as things in each room are separately allocatedPlus, you aren’t on any time constraints when you are unpacking.  You can do it bit by bit as you please. 


3. Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Want

The interesting thing about moving is that it’s also a great time to do a thorough house cleaning.  Sell stuff you don’t want on Facebook Marketplace or donate your belongings to charity.

Whatever you choose to do, analyze each item you own and ask yourself if you really want to pay to move it.  This will really help you make the right decision!


4. Submit Your Change Of Address

An important thing to do during a move is to change your address.  You can visit your local post office or visit this link here to change your address online.

Additionally, you will want to contact your credit cards and bank in order to let them know you are moving and update your date.  Your drivers license should also reflect your new address and this can be done easily by visiting your local DMV.

5. Read Paperwork Thoroughly

Every single contract you sign should be read through thoroughly.  Additionally, read through your apartment lease so you understand what needs to be done to leave your old home in good terms.

Reading through paperwork is helpful when hiring a moving service.  Although most apartment and residential relocation companies should have a transparent policy and pricing, it’s always good practice to read contracts thoroughly prior to signing.  When you do this, you will not be met with any unexpected surprises.


6. Get A Quote

Initially, you should get a free quote for your move.  This is so that you can have an idea of what it will take to move from one place to another. Most moving companies do this and tailor services to fit your needs.  This is the case with the Miami moving company I previously mentioned that is very customer service oriented.

Since many movers charge for the items that are moved, an individual has the flexibility to take a few items by themselves in accordance with their budget.  But this should all be worked out beforehand.  

Many apartment moving companies have an online moving calculator or a free moving quote form that lets you calculate exactly how much it would cost you to relocate if you use their services. The best part is that their operators call back with the quote and talking to a representative in real-time helps remove all doubts.  


7. Ask About Storage Services

Many moving companies also have storage services that let you store long-term as well as short-term. For the protection of the items stored, they have a 24-hour security system. This is convenient and something you should take advantage of while you are getting situated. 

Most movers can pick up items and deliver them directly to the storage area for you. They take extra care while storing your belongings as they have professionals to take inventory. The items taken to storage are kept safe with extra padding and are then loaded into containers.   




If you’re planning to relocate, then it is to your advantage to find a moving company as soon as you can. Once you arrange a move-in day, you need to begin the process of finding excellent movers.   

 Apartment moving services have become a huge part of the relocation industry. By choosing the correct apartment or residential moving service, that formerly stressed out person can now sip on a cup of coffee and relax.  And let me tell you something, supervising a move is so much easier than packing and unpacking on your own.  

Asking friends and family for recommendations about moving companies that have done similar moves is a great idea.  In addition, you could read reviews of the moving companies you are considering.  If you follow these vital steps in this apartment moving checklist, your relocation will go smoothly.