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What to Expect When Relocating with Your Family and Children


Relocation can prove to be a big upheaval for children. It is hard for the kids to come to terms with leaving a place they have known to be their home for a long time.  But below we will discuss what to expect and how to deal with your upcoming family move.


Family Moves Are A Big Deal!

When you’re moving with children to another place, whether you’re moving nearby or far away, it really is a big deal!

Your family may have moved earlier but it’s never easy to move whether you’ve done it before or not. It is probably hardest on adolescents who have strong connections with their friends and difficulty saying goodbye.


Tip 1: Tell The Kids At The Right Time

First of all, it is important to establish when to tell the kids about the upcoming move. Normally, it depends on the kids’ age and whether or not they have a say in the matter.

Frequently, parents may consider listening to their older kids’ input.  In this situation, they should be told early on and upfront so as to not cause any further conflict.

In the case with younger children, you may want to wait and not tell them too early.  But be gentle and be sure to leave enough time for your child to process the move.


Tip 2: Realize Age Is Important

If you are moving with small children you will have many more things to consider than a person who is moving alone or a couple without children.  While it is true that adults can comprehend the necessity of a move, children will usually find the abrupt change very hard to deal with.

Whatever the age groups of the child or children in question, moving to a new home can be highly traumatic.  But by recognizing the limitations of your child’s age in how they will handle a move will be crucial.


Tip 3: Don’t Forget About Your Kids During The Move

Sometimes a stressful move can cause children to feel neglected.  This is especially true in situations where parents work long hours and are stressed about moving themselves.  Here are some tips for a stress-free move you should read!

As we discussed previously, the most important indicator of how a child responds to a move is their age. However, as a child matures other factors will play a more important role.

By remembering to continue to put your child’s feelings first, your move will go much smoother.


Tip 4: Realize The Importance Of Your Home To Your Children

In addition, the family residence means a number of things at various times to a growing child.  You should not forget how central your home is to your kids. This is especially true if the family has been situated in the same area for quite a long time.

In general, a small child’s world is typically centered on a tiny area and a tiny group of people. These people and things include his or her close family members, the animals that are part of the family and the town.  Each are critical components of the child’s self-awareness.

A move can be extremely upsetting to a small child, and they may respond by becoming naughty or also they can end up becoming very sad and unhappy. If moving with small children, make sure that you always monitor the children’s wellbeing throughout the move.


Steps To Take To Make The Move Easier On Your Child

Step 1: Time should be set aside to explain the details of the move to the children. If possible, explain their future home in a desirable way.  Show them pictures and tell them about some great nearby activities so that they can begin to see their new home as something to look forward to.

Step 2: During the time when the movie itself is being organized, it is essential that you are careful to be attentive to your children’s needs. This is advisable so that the children don’t feel left out at this stage. Bear in mind that the home is one of the mainstays of a young child’s life, and they are losing this foundation.

Step 3: In addition, recognize that family is the most important part of your child’s worldview.  For this reason it is very important that they do not feel that they have been abandoned by the family at this time.

Step 4: While moving it is advisable to carefully watch your small child or children. When boxes are being carried out of the residence to trucks you will have to have a lot of open doors and you will have a lot of traffic into and out of the property. Make certain that your children do not wander off and that they are not obstructing the movers.  However, you should also make sure that you are not ignoring them.

Step 5:When moving with small children do not be surprised if they suddenly become upset if they see all of their possessions being taken from them in strange boxes, or if they are bothered by the suddenly bare house. Leave some of their favorite toys in the back seat for them, so they will be partially distracted during the journey.