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What to Expect when Relocating to a New Home with your Family 

Home relocation is a milestone that is straining both physically and mentally. Numerous preparations, change of addresses, and separation anxiety are expected. Multiply all these by number of family members you have and expect complete chaos.

The good thing about moving with kids is you can prepare yourself for these instances so you can offer support to your loved ones. Read on below so you can anticipate what actually happens when you relocate to a new home with your family.   

Items will get lost   

Even if you are the neatest, most organized packer, some of your things will get left behind, broken or lost forever. Make sure you group all your stuff based on how it is placed in the room and not per item type.  And be sure not to lose precious valuables and expensive digital belongings.  Losing a Canon digital camera could put a whole new twist on the stress of your move!

Stock up on lots of bubble wrap, styrofoam fillers or old newspapers so your things are protected, even when they do not seem fragile at all. Some items don’t get broken during the transit but by the handling of the home movers. Label your boxes and keep an inventory of where your things are. Add a number series so you know if boxes go missing.    

Your new neighbors will not be the same as the ones you had before   

Love them or hate them, getting along with the neighbors is an essential part of maintaining a peaceful relocation experience. Different people have different cultures and habits, so you will need to adjust once you get to your new home.

As the newbies, you also have to respect your neighbors and treat their space and property with care. Just the usual code of decency like avoiding late night noises, and looking after your pets and keeping the driveway clear should do you well with the neighbors. If your neighbors violate this, you can always report them to your landlords or the police.   


The kids will miss their old life with their old friends  

Sure, all of you will miss where you lived before, but the impact is extra stronger for the kids. They may lose their sense of identity especially when you throw them in to a new school faced with strangers ready to scrutinize their every move.

Be ready to support them when they break down and do not isolate them from their old friends. Ask them how their day went and be involved in what they are doing, and always, ALWAYS encourage them to still pursue their passions.


 Ready your wallet   

Even when you think you’re done with expenses, there will always be more. Have a contingency fund for home repairs when things don’t go well in the sink or the shade of the paint is not just right.

Building a happy home is also constantly improving what you see every day, so commit to having a fresh start by creating a conducive space for your family. Consider home improvement as a new activity you can do with your family. Go to the depot together or ask the kids to help plat the flowerbed. Make everyone invested in the home as you are so you are all at the same page. 

Home relocation is no easy feat, but, by staying prepared, you can make it as easy as changing clothes.